Realising Value in your Agency

Mergers & Acquisitions

If you are looking to sell your recruitment business, we are your expert industry partner. 

We help recruitment owners, like you, realise the true value in your recruitment company. 

Our network includes private equity, trade, MBO and EOT buyers. Speak to our M&A team today to get started. 

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Realising Value

Valuing your recruitment

We’re committed to helping recruitment company owners realise value when they sell their business. 

As a recruitment M&A specialist, we know how much hard work has gone in to building your company. Therefore, we ensure your hard work is rewarded with the appropriate valuation of your recruitment business. 

How we help you sell your recruitment company


Due Diligence

Our expert team fully prepare all aspects of due diligence, including accounts, contracts, tax efficiencies. This helps us arrive at an appropriate value for your company and ensures everything is in place for a seamless transaction.


finding the buyer

Our well connected network means we already have buyers looking to purchase recruitment businesses. This means you'll be connected with the right buyer quickly.


Handling the sale

We negotiate the sale of your business to the buyer. All options are presented to you and you remain in full control throughout and can decide on the best offer on the table.

Why choose us?

We are experts in the recruitment industry.

our team

Our team has over 20 years experience in the recruitment industry. We've launched, scaled, merged and sold agencies. We know the process and the sector.

We know the value

We understand the true value of what an agency should be sold and bought for. We know how to structure deals that represent the hard work you've put in to the business.

What's involved in the process?

Here's what you can expect from the process when you engage the
Red Hall Ventures M&A team


Asset or share sale

We'll work with you to decide on how the deal will be structured, whether it will be a share or asset sale. We'll talk through the options with you so you know you're pursuing the best route for your and your business.


Tax considerations

We'll talk you through whether tax clearance is required, how severance payments be required or any future tax deductions that may need to be considered.



We'll ensure that the financing from the buyer is legitimate and help you to resolve any outstanding equity or debt finance or existing loan facilities.


Transaction process

We'll agree with both parties the sale process. We'll present a buyer to you and provide all the information about their representation and outline an agreed timeline.


Pre Acquisition agreement

We'll provide you with confidentiality agreements, heads of terms and exclusivity arrangements and organise all of that with the buyer's representation too.


Due Dilligence

We'll carry out all of the due diligence on the buyer. We'll also prepare the purchase agreement and disclosure documentation


Contracts and documentation

We'll arrange all necessary paperwork to be completed and work alongside regulatory bodies to ensure all relevant considerations are made.


Exchange and Completion

We'll prepare a completion agenda, agree with the buyer and you on the process for completion. All funds will be deposited to the relevant solicitors' accounts prior to completion.


Post completion considerations

We'll make any necessary filings with companies house and agree on the responsibility for preparing the transaction bibles.

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